Chapter 14 – Too Many Huns Spoil the Dross(babe)

Things were getting dicey in the world of the Butterfly Babes.  When I left off in Chapter 13, we were about to watch Scarlett’s scathing “Younique is Shit” vlog.

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New Feature: “Better Than MLM” Reviews

Followers will be pleased to know that my fibro has been nice to me these past few days.  I’ve nearly finished the final draft for Chapter 12, and will schedule it for publication early next week.  I’m on a roll!

I would like to introduce a new element to my blog, that I would like to give a try.  As you know, I am very much an anti-MLM blogger.  To provide some different content, I’ve also been asked to put my money where my mouth is, and provide occasional opinions on things that I feel are “better than MLM”.  

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